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Though the gregarious sperm whales have their regular seasons for particular grounds

Among many other fine qualities, my royal friend Tranquo, being gifted with a devout love for all matters of barbaric vertu, had brought together in Pupella whatever rare things the more ingenious of his people could invent; chiefly carved woods of wonderful devices, chiselled shells, inlaid spears, costly paddles & aromatic canoes. All these distributed among whatever natural wonders, the wonder-freighted, tribute-rendering waves had cast upon his shores. Sperm Whale among these latter was a great whale after an unusually long raging gale.

Curious sight these bashful bears, these timid warrior whalemen. They say that men who have seen the world, thereby become quite at ease in manner, quite self-possessed in company. Perhaps the mere crossing of Siberia in a sledge drawn by dogs as Ledyard did, or the taking a long solitary walk on an empty stomach, in the negro heart of Africa, which was the sum of poor Mungo’s performances this kind of travel, I say, may not be the very best mode of attaining a high social polish.


  • 6 years ago

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